HercuWall® is a single product that combines many operations: composite concrete and steel structure, superior insulation, water and vapor barrier, window and door casings and sills, and attachment points for drywall and exterior finishes. HercuWall® incorporates patent pending ShearStrip™ Technology that eliminates all of the vertical steel rebar reinforcing within the system.

HercuWall® consists of a kit of panels manufactured on computer controlled equipment to exactly match the architectural plans for each individual project. HercuWall® is delivered to the job site as a kit that includes corner panels, straight wall panels, and window and door panels and can be installed on a production homebuilder scale using general labor.

HercuWall® is used to construct the exterior insulated walls that form the building envelope in new residential and light commercial applications. HercuWall® competes favorably with costs for installed wood frame and concrete block construction, provides a faster build cycle, a stronger, more energy efficient, bug proof, water proof, mold proof, quieter home or building. Highly durable and virtually maintenance free, 

HercuWall® employs ShearStrip™ Technology, a proprietary patent pending system that allows less concrete without the use of steel reinforcing bar. This advancement is the “secret sauce” that gives HercuWall® its unique advantage in the marketplace. The metal ShearStrip™ forms a bond with the concrete creating a composite that is up to two times stronger than steel rebar reinforced concrete of equal mass.

HercuWall® window and door openings are lined with an extruded foam PVC material that looks and feels like wood but is impervious to water and weather, will never rot, and is maintenance free. First serving as a buck that prevents concrete from spilling into the window opening when concrete is placed, and then staying in place to provide a water proof barrier, a thermal break, and casing for the window opening all in one. This casing can be painted and exposed or wrapped with stucco or siding on the exterior and drywall on the interior. A sloped window sill from the same materials finishes the opening.

Benefits of HercuWall® Construction

HercuWall® construction provides owners a strong, safe, quiet, and comfortable, dust, mold and termite free environment that reduces energy costs by 40% to 60% when combined with proper attic insulation, energy efficient windows and doors, and properly sized heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. HercuWall® is maintenance free and will deliver the same high performance from day one through generations. Experts predict that this type of construction will have higher resale value than conventionally built structures.

HercuWall® is a contractor’s “Green Alternative.” Builders and developers benefit with HercuWall® by providing a superior product in less time without a cost premium. HercuWall® is contractor friendly, highly scalable, easy and quick to install. Installers have a short learning curve and installation requires no special equipment. HercuWall® adds value to LEED® certified projects.

HercuWall® construction benefits the environment by reducing demand on timber resources, by reducing emissions, and lower energy usage over the life of the structure. HercuWall® structures are built with recycleable materials and will last longer than most wood or concrete based structures, greatly easing pressure on landfills. HercuWall® affords these environmental benefits while at the same time providing owners with a safer structure, a healthier living environment and without compromising lifestyle.

HercuWall® Specifications

HercuWall® is manufactured to specifically match the building plans for each individual project. All manufacturing takes place on computer controlled equipment yielding precision components that accurately match the specifications and callouts on the building plans. Panel components are manufactured at wall height. Design flexibility is non-restrictive; if a project can be built with concrete block or wood frame, it can be built with HercuWall® and with greater accuracy.

HercuWall® panels contain voids that are filled with concrete. These voids determine the shape of the concrete within the HercuWall® system which is analogous to a concrete stud wall. There are vertical concrete studs placed on regular 12” centers, a continuous concrete base, and a continuous concrete bond beam at the top of the wall. Each concrete stud attaches to a ShearStrip™ which are juxtaposed facing to the interior at one stud and the adjacent studs facing the exterior. This design ensures that fasteners are at standard 24” spacing on both interior and exterior surfaces. This configuration also mitigates thermal bridging. Stud spacing may be altered to accommodate placement of windows, doors, or corners but spacing is never wider than 12”. HercuWall® is available in "Series 7” and "Series 9.” “R” value ratings are R-28 and R-33 at 40° F. respectively.

HercuWall® Series 7 is a nominal 7” thick profile primarily utilized in lieu of wood frame construction. Its footprint simplifies plan revisions. HercuWall® is commonly installed with a 1” overhang outside of the slab so the 7” profile approximates 2X6 construction with ½” sheathing and 1” of foam. HercuWall® Series 7 is a nominal 7” thick profile configured with 1-½” of foam towards the exterior, a 3” concrete stud core, and 2-½” foam towards the interior side. A standard cross section of a stud within this wall is 3” square. Sometimes several studs are merged to gain additional strength in order to carry point loads or next to window and door openings not unlike wood frame construction where multiple wood studs are adjacent to each other and are used to carry additional loads.

HercuWall® Series 9 is primarily utilized in lieu of concrete block construction. Its 9” profile approximates an 8” CMU with ¾” of interior furring. HercuWall® 9 is configured with 2-½” of foam towards the exterior, a 4” concrete stud core, and 2-½” foam towards the interior side. A standard cross section of a stud within this wall is 4” square. As with HercuWall® Series 7, concrete studs are merged to gain additional strength in order to carry point loads. HercuWall-9™ is approved for construction in HVHZ (High Velocity Hurricane Zone) areas by Miami-Dade County (FL) product control (NOA No. 12-0607.03. Expiration Date: November 8, 2017) and by Florida Product Approval (FL16084).

HercuWall® is manufactured utilizing rigid EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam. Several foam densities (1, 1-¼ and 1-½ pounds per cubic foot) are utilized depending on the application. Generally, residential walls up to 12’ utilize 1 or 1-¼ pound foam with 1-½ pound foam used for tall walls and commercial applications.

ShearStrip™ and other steel components (top caps and tracks) are manufactured with G90 galvanized steel. “G90” depicts .90 oz. of zinc coating per square foot of surface area. Dade-County (FL) codes specify G90 for exposed metal in coastal areas but most of the rest of the U.S. specifies G60. HercuTech has opted to standardize G90 galvanized as the specification for all applications regardless of project location.


HercuWall® is a panelized wall system that can be installed without costly or special equipment. The learning curve is very short as no special trade skills are required. Framers and block layers can easily transition to become expert HercuWall® installers. All components can be handled by one or two workers; a 4' x 9' panel weighs less than 50 pounds.

All panels are precisely manufactured with no modification required to make HercuWall panels fit. No scrap is generated so there is no job site clutter. Only the wall and window bracing is removed from the job site to be reused.

HercuWall® construction is fast. The walls for a 2,400 square foot production house can be installed in 2.5 hours and concrete placed in two more hours with a crew of six. Window and door openings are precisely located according to the plans. Windows are installed in minutes not hours. Walls will be straight and plumb. Complexity of the plan may have some bearing on completion times but labor savings compared to other systems are dramatic.

Detailed installation discussion on "Professionals" page.